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Hand Made Fish Lures




Roger Dale, South Coast NSW. Thanks Roger. Shallow Calliope lure.

Tom Watkins, Noosa. Thanks Tom. Nice jack. 


 Toowoomba boys slaying the Bass and Yellas at Somerset Dam with
 their new Fysshe lures
Here's Dwane with a couple of quick examples. 
Thanks for the pics Dwane



Sent: Wednesday, 11 May 2016 8:32 PM  To:  

Subject: Your “Glen Lyon” 5m Lure 

Hi Ian,

Caught this one today at Peter Faust Dam just over 120cm !! 


John Sing


Vince, and daughter Bobbi (50cm Yella) having a bit of fun at Split Rock Dam near Tamworth
Fysshe Lures of course.


Heather and Rossco have been in Tassie lately,and Heather (again) gives Rosco a fishing lesson....





 Good size Redfin from one of the highland lakes.
  Heather using a pink Fysshe Ebor lure


 One happy camper...first Barra off Hinchinbrook Island.



February 2015

Hi Ian,


I've had great results with your lures, so much I need more.  I have a carp  busters comp coming up next month and need another 4 Coomeras in the hot pink and 3 hot pink in the Ebors, as the pink one I have is all but flogged out . Also need 6 spare trebles for the Coomera and 6 for the Ebor if possible. I've been landing 10 plus carp per 6 hr. session on yak all above 450mm (pb 550mm on 6 pound braid). Without stretching the truth I've landed over 50 fish with the one lure! Very happy. 

From Nick at Yatala Qld




Sent: Monday, 2 March 2015 7:52 AM
To: 'Ian Salmon'
Subject: RE: Bass lures

 Hi Ian,

Good news,
I won the carp comp from 254 other entrants on your lures in “the most carp caught class”.
I need some more pink Ebors as I was busted off twice , I have one smashed Ebor left but it isn’t swimming properly it barrel rolls and comes out of water , any ideas on how to fix that? None of the others have done it. I’m going to put another order in next couple days.

Kind Regards,

NICK   Yatala Qld  4207





Vince with 53cm Yella at Split Rock Dam, NSW.  On a Fysshe Frogge!

His Grandson Casey actually cast up this 56cm Yella! 

 Craig from Tamworth... first fish! Trolled up on a pink Fysshe Wivenhoe with metal bib.

 Lachlan trolled up this Yella at Lake Windamere, NSW. On a Fysshe lure of course.

Dave Frazer from Mackay found Jacks quckly with one of my lures. And local, Ricky, trialling modified deep running Calliope on Jacks too.

Here's the pics from Farley Murton of Broome WA...using my Fysshe 3' Calliope shallow running lures.

Weather's awful around Broome....apparently

Kaden with a sample of his action...

Quinn with his catch...

                                             Darren from Mackay, with a good Trevally caught on a gold Fysshe Calliope lure.


Not all catches are getting into MY boat. Was in his gob, till he curled his body around the lure to pull it out.
Then he was really mad!! Sacrificed the lure, naturally!
Gotta take the good with the bad up here.

Meanwhile, down south...April 2012

Simon holds up a couple of Yellas caught on "Fysshe Somerset" lures from lake Keepit near Tamworth.

And Greg Brown, of "The Desirables" fishing club (Sydney), with a nice 47cm Yella, cast up on a Fysshe Lil Somerset lure in Lake Windamere, near Mudgee, NSW.
Greg's 5yo son lachlan with first Yella, on a yellow Fysshe Wivenhoe lure
And first Murray Cod, on a pink Fysshe Wivenhoe lure,

Great Christmas and early 2012 with mates Murf, Ed and Bob here......lucky break in the wet season for them... 
      Eddy and Shane fishing the freshwater of upper Herbert river.                                                              Wow! ripper Murf!


Here's a couple of pics of a nice Barra, cast up by Brook, using one of my Fysshe lures.                 Wayne's 90cm Queen off the beach at Taylors.

Hinchinbrook Channel and creeks.

The lead up to the full moon generally is a productive time in the channel, especially late afternoons and we get good fish just on dusk, especially during run out tides over the shallows. My small 3" Calliopes really do the job, just slow retrieve and easy twitching.

Hinchinbrook Channel at dusk, cast out a Calliope and just "HOLD ON". Something thought this was a lure! Twice it struck hard. (Not all quiet down below).

"The pelagics like GT's and Queenies are always around out the front of my local creek at Taylors Beach, and we're getting plenty of Trevally and Barracudas. Mackerel seem to be in good numbers in winter, and the Black Tipped Shark are heaps of fun when you troll through a feeding school, but you don't get much else where they seem to be schooling.

Just got these photos from old mate Eric from down Ipswich way. Had a ball at one of his favourite haunts recently (I'm sworn to secrecy!)
Using Coomera and Ebor models of mine, he got knocked up unhooking fish, Bass and Yellas'.

Thanks for these Eric.
Hope you can make it up here before too long, and Vince said bring Tratty with you!

  Now here's serious fisherman. (not just a Home-brewing BBQ whiz!!)  Wayne Garvin gets into the Barra on Fysshe 'Calliope' lures too.

 Local freshwater lure casting great fun, too! At different time I took Wayne, Dudley, Steve and Vince to the upper Herbert River.
     Wayne working the shallows,  and gets a prize!
  Casting a black & red Fysshe Coomera lure into the shallow fresh water for Sooties.  It's a natural Barra nursery, good to see!
      Dudley Olsen from Brisbane            Yours truly with a young Barra.
     gets multiple quick results too.   

Here's some shots of Eddie and Wes' recent Gladstone trip.
                               This hard running Salmon by Wes on one of my Fysshe lures.. and that Barra, also on a Fysshe lure.

Can Tarpon leap? This one sure did, for Eddie.  plus heaps more, eh! See Eddie, you shouldn't have taught him so well.. look what he does to you!!

How's good's this? Young Bailey Watson's 55cm Bass on a Fysshe EBOR DEEP (red & black)
Dad's grin just as big!

Vince and Steve did a rock casting session with buoyant shallow running Calliope lures.                              Boated 12, jumped at least that many off.                        Double hook-ups a buzz.
Sarah's 90cm Hinchinbrook Barra cast up on one of my 4" Calliope lures.        Nice fish, Eddy!   (Woulda been a barra if you'd used one
                                                                                                                                                                            of my Calliope lures, mate!)

Neil Schultz and his wife Rosemary.

Whilst the weather was not kind to Neil and Rosemary, they did pretty well, especially up in the Fishers Creek mangroves, catching 5 or 6 Barra each day. Good sized fish, too.

Rosemary on fire! Typical Jacks & Barra from Fishers Creek area. Neil wasn't sitting idle either.



A 1.18m Barra from Peter Faust Dam. Did a great water dance display, too!           97cm, very fiesty customer.
All these monsters caught on my Fysshe '6m Teemburra' lures

This one went 1.10m. fat as a pig.                                                      This one went 1.01m.

                   Even the small ones put up a fight!                                                                                  95cm.

8 yo Isabel with her Lake Keepit Cod on her first ever fishing attempt.
6m Fysshe Wivenhoe lure! Photo and released.

                                  Night casting my 3" Calliope models at Lake Teemburra
Vince with a nice 86 cm Lake Teemburra barra,                     and yours truly with it's twin.

Wes took a few 'Somersets' home to try on Bass...enough said!  Brandon...Michael....and Bailey with good fish!

Yours Truly. They go nuts on my 'Calliope" model.   Wes got on as soon as he cast a 'Calliope".        Wayne opens his account with a 'Calliope"  

My FYSSHE lures, the "CALLIOPE" model, used exclusively be me and Vince on a recent Barra exercise over a couple of short winter afternoon sessions!!
Just some of the 16 Barra landed, all taken by casting in shallow water over rocks and sand. Caught and released the lot.

Yours truly cast this one up, it went 97 cm on a 3 in. "Calliope".   They seemed to like this model and size.
Most successful colours were Chartruese (yellowish), and Black and Whites. Good fish landed on Black & Blue also

Vince cast up quite a few on a Black & White 3"  'Calliope'                          Bob's Barra, also cast up on a 'Calliope', had to be shared!
This one went 88 cm.                                                                              Right beside the boat, an uninvited guest!

                      Black white with blue scales 'Calliope'                                                Black, yellow 'Calliope' in Tiger pattern

 Chartreuse and white 'Calliope' in Tiger pattern                                                             Blue and White 'Calliope" 
The 'Calliope' lures get great results when retrieved in a slow "twitching" retrieve. Gentle twitching, not 'reefing'. 

Kevin gives my lures a trial. The silver/grey Calliope model wins in shallow water.   A nice Salmon by me, Ian (Fysshe)'s all very fishy!


                         Nice healthy Murray Cod for Bob, at Warwick.                                                       Nigel's apprentice already converted to Fysshe lures!


Steve's 5 Kg Permit on 4 Kg line, an Australian game fishing record!!



The Refin even fight over the Fysshe lure.

            Nigels' Sleepy Cod on a chartreuse Lil Wivenhoe at Callide Dam                                                                  Nice 'Jack' on a Chartreuse 'Calliope'.


Great Cod Joan! Who's the deckie?    All these captures on Fysshe lures!

Black and white 'Calliope' lure.                                                                                          Myrna's Gold Spot Cod went over 55cm. On a 'Somerset Stretch'.



Nice Cattie, Chris!


                                                                                                                                            Wet day, Eddie?


     Kim's nice Estuary Cod.Gladstone QLD                                                                             Young Chris with a nice Currumbin Creek Flathead on Ebor lure.


Joe's Bass at Moogerah in the fog.

Steve's Mulloway, Coomera River, on a "Coomera" lure.                                                       Yours truly with a nice 3 kg Silver Perch, on a "Frogge"

Chris's 53 cm Bass at Mt Crosby

Les (Lizard) Knight's nice Cod at Glen Lyon dam, on a Wivenhoe lure                                  My Cod also at Glen Lyon, on a Somerset Stretch lure.

                                                                                                                                             A nice "Jack" at the Gold Coast canals. On Nerang XX lure


                                                                                                                                                     Tratty's fat Bass at Lake Moogerah.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Joan's Lake Teemburra Barra


                                                                                                                                     Charlie's nice Golden Trevally at the Gold Coast canals.



Tony's fat Estuary Cod
                                                                                                                         Rosemary's nice size Barra


Simon's small  Murray Cod at Split Rock dam (NSW), on Fluro Pink Wivenhoe lure.            Simon's medium Split Rock dam Murray Cod. On the same pink Wivenhoe.

Simon's larger Murray Cod at Split Rock dam. Yep, same pink Wivenhoe.
That's all he uses for Cod!




Yours truly. Bloody hot here in summer. Nice Tuna on one of  my SOMERSET STRETCH lures!

"Tratty's" nice Sooty Grunter at Lake Eungella, QLD

  Bass and Estuary Perch are just suckers to the action of these litte COOMERA lures.


Nice Mangrove Jack, cast up with orange and white TEEMBURRA lure, Herbert River, NQ.                Lake Pindari (NSW) Yella on a Lil Wivenhoe.

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