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Hand Made Fish Lures
1 st. choice for superior catch rates!

Hi there fellow Fishos!

My name is Ian Salmon.
(You don't need a degree to work out why my mates nicknamed me "Fysshe"!)

A keen "catch & release" fisher myself, I am proud of the list of piscatorial captures over the years on my lures, Murray Cod to Rainbow Trout, Sootys to Jacks and so on. Got every species targeted using my own designs.

I first became interested in making lures after reading an article by Vic McCristal on his friend Eric Moller who carved his own lures from Cedar and hand painted them. Not works of art but caught plenty of fish. These lures are now collectors items.

 I made my first lure in 1970 and caught a Bass in the Williams River on it. I was now hooked!

 In the mid 70’s I designed a few shapes primarily for river Bass and Flathead (see below) but with the advent of impoundment stocking in the 80’s, a whole new field opened up!



Here are a few pics of some of my originals from the 1970's and 1980's.

Thanks to the collectors who put the photos up on Lure Lovers website, because I don't even have any myself.

And they caught fish!!

The benchmark local lures at the time were Cobra and Boomerang but American lures dominated the market. By the process of trial and error, I soon worked out sizes and styles that worked well on our natives. Black and white with scale was the best colour at the time only to be surpassed by violet and white in the 90’s.

We were involved in estuary fishing with lures at the time and small Rebel lures were the top of the tree but were not cheap. I soon had a few lures that were catching as many fish, if not more, and am still using the same ones today with great success. New fluoro colours became available and the catch rate increased.

On our northern trips, we would pursue Barra, Jacks, Pelagics etc, and I made several types of lures that worked well, although the paint work suffered on some of the more toothy critters.

Here I am 40 years later, living right at the water at Taylors Beach, catching North Queensland Barra, Jacks, GTs, Tuna, and other estuary delights. 
I still make my lures by hand and use silky oak, red cedar and some imported softwoods.
Being retired now, I make a few lures to supplement my meagre income and derive pleasure when someone has success on one of my lures.

From Bass styles to Barra, have a look in the LURE SELECTION gallery and choose the lure you like.
I also make a few models with aluminium bibs, which my clients reckon add some 'flash' to the action.

Tight lines and cool cans!!

An earlier extract from: NQ FISH & BOAT


Ratty Revelation Aplenty

G’day all, the rat’s back.

Only just though, I’ve got to tell you! That new editor is a real hard ass! But, after some badgering, blackmail and bribery the rat’s here to stay, at least for another month. And what a month it has been dear readers!  

The rat spent a week in lovely Bunbury, W.A. freezing his tail off and chattering his fangs so hard the air force thought he was trying to transmit Morse Code. Yes folks, it’s good to be back in sunny Queensland. Unfortunately, I seem to have brought back some mutation of bird, horse and swine flu that has me up all night coughing up a foul, sludgy lung butter that looks like curdled egg and can’t be at all good. Hmm, must be rat flu.

On the tackle front, this month is a snodger. We’ve got a swag of new products that are deadly enough to keep even the tightest fisho poor and some new lures that have this rat in tackle testing heaven. There’s the new castnet that a one armed, one legged man can throw, the crab pots that are so easy it almost makes crabbing fun (almost), a convenient new box from Plano that is ideal for the bank-bound angler and the rat has a new NT specialist rod that he’s been testing!

We’ll also have a look at Fysshe Lures, a locally made timber lure brand that is little-known, but well and truly worth taking notice of.

Before we get down to business, has anyone seen the Kelalan Itch & Bite Relief ointment that we unearthed in the very first Tackle Rat column? It is now in mass production and is available in 27 shops up the coast and via mail order at For those who remember, trials of this soothing, sweet smelling ointment were incredibly successful and the rat has a tube permanently stored in his tackle box for when the sandflies have had a chew. Keep your eyes peeled for the Kelalan repellent, it’s not quite ready yet, but believe me, it’s worth its weight in gold if the midges are thick!

Right, let’s get started…

Fysshe Lures

A bloke by the name of Ian (Fysshe) Salmon contacted me through the month in protest of the Rat’s claims that there simply weren’t enough timber lures available anymore. Now Mr Salmon not only makes and distributes his own handcrafted timber lures, he also makes some of the best barra lures I’ve seen in years! Far from a lure that looks slapped together, Fysshe lures are without a doubt, amongst the best timber lures on the market at the moment.

Hang on, I hear you say. If these Fysshes are so good, why do they have all the public profile of Chunk Ice in Iceland? Well, it pretty much boils down to the fact that Ian is a retired gentleman of leisure these days who only makes lures to derive pleasure from someone catching a fish on one of his creations and to supplement his retirement/fishing funds. Ian will be the first to tell you that he’s no lure manufacturer, in fact, he’s remarkably proud to make all of his lures by hand. Understandably, this means that while he usually has his most popular lures on hand for clients, he can’t exactly supply tackle shops. However, while you might not be able to buy these lures off shelves, I do suggest you get your hot little hands on a few, because honestly, and I’ve said this before, you can’t beat a good timber lure!

Ian has been working on his designs for almost 40 years and silky oak, red cedar and some imported softwoods are now turned into creations guaranteed to make fish and fisho alike chomp at the bit! Surprisingly, for a hands-on lure carver, Ian has a range of models, sizes and colours that is astounding! With everything from bass and trout lures designed especially for specific southern impoundments, to hardcore barra lures designed for the salt and specific northern impoundments. This month, the rat has his claws on the Teemburra range of Fysshe Lures.

Ranging from the slim-line 65mm Lil Teemburra and the Lil Teemburra XX through to the Teemburra 3m and the Teemburra 5m deep diver, the rat had some testing to do.

The Lil lures were ultra light and took some getting used to, especially the slimmer model. However, once flicked on light spin gear, for distance sake, the slow floating action and the irresistible high-vibration shimmy had this tackle tester in heaven! Think sootys, bream and flathead.

The heavier XX model was much more suited to this baitcaster-totting fisho and soon proved to have a spectacular and very immediate dive to around four metres, coupled with a sexy dart and dive action. A must have for snag bashers everywhere – think barra, jacks and sootys!

The next model, the Teemburra 3m was my personal favourite and has a near-perfect barra action combined with a rounded snag repellant bib and a slow, controlled float. Honestly, this little 85mm masterpiece has the toughness, the action and the snag resistance to sit beside any other barra casting lure in your box! It should be a standout in its namesake dam once the water warms.

Lastly, the Teemburra 5m is well suited for digging over deep rock bars and timber and makes a strong, hard working vibration when trolled. Once again this lure pacts a rounded bib for snag resistance.

For more information and for ordering details, check out Ian’s website

While you’re there, run your peepers over the very sexy Calliope, Boyne and the Frogge – I’ll try to get some for testing. Stay tuned!

Oh, and before I move on, did I mention you can buy two of these lures for the price of some mass produced equivalents? You’re looking at $15 (plus postage) for most models.


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