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Hand Made Fish Lures
Lure Range
Most lures just $15 plus postage  (Special sets prices vary)

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Just ring me, (Ian) on 07-4777 8519, or 0423 480 154
We'll have a yarn about targeted fish, colours etc. and postage, the total $ for you to get organised whilst I make up your order.. too easy!


 GLOW Lures

 Glow during daylight too, down deep.

 NEW Collectables! "Nemo".

 New Collectables! Merangboo Set


Got some Tassie timber pieces for me to make natural lures for your collections.
Black-Heart Sassafrass, King Billy, Huon Pine, Blackwood, etc. 

Better give me a ring to get the first edition of Tassie natural finish lures.

  REGULAR Range:


Body length- 65 mm. Poly bib.

Shallow diving lure with a tight action. Good trolling lure for estuarine species and for casting natives in lake margins.

2 x No 8 VMC trebles.
         LIL TEEMBURRA X :
Body length- 65 mm. Poly bib.

Similar to Lil Teemburra but 50% wider in body and bib. Has a wider action and will dive to 4 metres on the troll. Top lure for trolling in dams and estuaries.

2 x No 6 VMC
         Lil Teemburra HD.

Heavy duty version of X model, with thicker and pinned bib.

HD Trebles and rings.
         TEEMBURRA 4” :
Body length 85 mm. Poly bibs in 3,4 and 5 metre sizes.
Designed for Barra in impoundments but has performed well in tropical estuaries on a variety of species. Sturdier construction with stainless pin through bib.

2 x No 4 VMC.


Body length 100 mm. Poly bibs 3 and 5 metre.

Similar to 4 “ version but proportionately larger.

Has taken metre plus Barra in Tinaroo and Teemburra and also large Fingermark in Hinchinbrook Channel.

2 x No 2 VMC

Body length 50 mm. Poly bib.

Primarily designed for S.E. QLD dams catching Bass and Yellowbelly but has proven a hit with Sooty Grunter in the north and on Jacks, Cod and Flathead in the saltwater.          2 x No 6 VMC.



Body length 60 mm. Poly bibs in 4 and 5 metre sizes.
The most productive lure I’ve made for dam fishing. Has literally caught thousands of Bass and Yellas in S.E. QLD dams over the past decade.
Top lure in S.E.Q. Catch & Release tournaments over a five year period.

2 x No 4 VMC.



Body length 65 mm. Poly or aluminium bib.
Supersedes earlier model which was the most consistent Mega-Bass taker but very hard to tune. Slightly longer body has similar action to older lure.
2 x No 4 VMC.


Body length 70 mm: Poly bibs in 4,5 and 7 metre sizes.
Top impoundment lure for Bass, Yellas and Cod. Slower action and will troll at a higher speed. Heavy duty version available with pinned aluminium bib.
2 x No 4 & No 2 VMC


Body length 50 mm. Similar to Lil Somerset but with rectangular aluminium bib.
Top taker of Golden Perch and Sooty Grunter. Excellent lure for night trolling for Bass.
2 x No 6 VMC.


Body length 60 mm. Similar to Somerset range but with rectangular aluminium bibs in 4,5 and 6 metre sizes. Body width increases with larger bibs.
Top impoundment lure and excells in western dams when night trolling for Cod and Yellas on electric power.

2 x No 4 VMC on 4 M lure
2 x No 2 VMC. on 5 & 6 M models.


Body length 70 mm. Similar to Somerset stretch range but with rectangular aluminium bibs in 4,5 and 6 metre sizes.

4M lure good in saltwater; 5M good Bass lure and 6M top Murray Cod lure.         2 x No 4 & 2 x No 2 VMC.

            COOMERA :

Body length 50 mm. Poly bib.

Dives to 3 metres. Most successful lure I’ve made with over 30 species of fish to its credit in fresh and saltwater. Suitable for casting and trolling.

2 x No 8 VMC.


Body length 50 mm. Poly bib with lead  insert.
Similar to Coomera but has a more nose down attitude at rest. Lure dives quickly to 3 – 4 metres.

2 x No 8 VMC.


Body length 60mm. Poly bib with lead  insert. This version upgraded again with wider bib and body. Dives to 4 metres and is a popular lure for Mangrove Jacks. Bib is pinned for extra strength.

2 x No 4 VMC.

Upgraded model, 70mm body

4 VMC trebles



Based on Peter Munt's "Tully Tigers", a shallow water casting lure.
Very little built-in action, but used with a twitch retrieve, they are scoring well to testing over a year, with Barra to 96cm toward end of season.



Body length 55 mm. Aluminium scooped bib.

Classic style lure with the tow point in the body. Good all-round lure in fresh and salt. Dives to around 2 metres. Has a tight rolling action with shimmy.          2 x No 6 VMC.

           CALLIOPE 3”:

Body length 85 mm. Similar to 2” model and is an excellent estuary casting lure. Dives 2-3 metres.

2 x No 4 VMC.

Mates and I have been taking heaps of Barra to almost a metre lately, in shallow water!
Definately the most productive shallow water casting lure for Barra.


Body length 105 mm. Upsized version again diving to 3-4 metres.

Top lure for Barra in impoundments and saltwater.

2 x No 2 VMC.

Another great Barra casting lure.


Body length 60 mm.

Good general purpose lure in dams. Heavy duty version available for estuary work with pinned bib and larger hooks.         2 x No 6 VMC



Body length 35 mm. Poly bib.

Made originally to catch Trout in New England area.but has proven to be a top Bream and Whiting taker.Shallower bib available for skinny water.

2 x No 10 VMC.

                                   Body length 65 mm. Poly bib with lead weight in nose.

Original Frogge designed to catch Murray Cod in Glenlyon Dam. Very successful in this dam and took the biggest Cod in 1999. Dives to 5 metres.
3 x No 4 VMC. 

LITTLE FROGGE:                                                                 Body length 50 mm. Poly bib with lead weight at nose. Unique triangular shaped lure with two sets of trebles at rear. Taker of Bass and Yellas in dams and Estuary Cod in saltwater.Dives to 4 metres.
3 x No 6 VMC.


Body length 60 mm. Poly bib.

Estuarine lure for inshore pelagics such as Trevally and Queenies. Has had success when trolled at slightly higher speeds. Dives to about 3-4 metres.

2 x No 6 VMC.

(HD version available on order, with thicker pinned bib and heavier hooks.)


Body length 90 mm. Poly bib the same as Boyne.
Similar characteristics to its little brother.
Has 2 x No 4 VMC Permasteel trebles.
(HD version available on order, with thicker bib and heavier hooks)


Chunky style casting lure, designed up here for Mangrove Jacks.

A buoyant lure that will rise over snags.

Heavy duty hardware.


Body length 55 mm. Triangular bib in either poly or aluminium.

Primarily a casting lure as weight is at rear. Has a strange action but is popular with a few anglers. Dives to approximately 3-3.5 metres when cast.

2 x No 6 or No 4 VMC.


                                                       Smaller version reg. poly bib

2 x No 8 VMC trebles



Originally designed for trout fishing the shallow streams of the New England, NSW.

Successful on trout, and good results with bream around rocks and oyster racks.


Thinner version.
Good on Sooty Grunter in creeks and shallow water.
No.10 trebles

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