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Had my son Chris up here for the winter and we caught a lot of fish!! Mackerel were on the chew and they are one of the best eating fish around I reckon. Chris says if you are what you eat, he should have scales and fins by now…
A few “firsts” for him this trip with Blue Salmon, Cobia, Coral Trout and a good saltwater Jack now ticked off the bucket list!

Sarah joined us for a few days after doing her “Cape” trip and the three of us went luring up my local creek. I felt like a “party pooper” by catching most of the fish with 5 Jacks in 15 minutes but they redeemed themselves with Chris landing a nice 60cm Flathead and Sarah getting stretched by a cracker 75cm Golden Trevally.
Therese hasn’t missed out either and has caught some nice fish off the beach and a big Goldy out of the boat. Before Chris went home, we had one last trip up the creek and he got his ‘PB’ Jack of 45cm. (on my lucky lure)




 "Kids" Sarah & Chris. Still can't out-fish the Old Man!

 Chris with a regular Salmon from up here.

 Average Channel Flathead - Chris having a ball.





 Chris on a high - Good Goldy

 This is a hooter Jack - 45cm.

 By-catch, haha!  Coral Trout annoying us.





  My Jack, one of my 5 for the session.

 Therese ON!!

 Another local Goldy! Too easy...




 Can't get better eating fish than these Mackeral

Clean white and fresh! 



Vince flew up again in July for a week, and we did have some pretty good sessions. Fishing out the front of Taylors Beach, we hooked into a few Macks, Goldies, Nannagai, and a mad school of Barracuda.
Another few late afternoon sessions in the channel on the full moon, yielding 8 Barra between us in 2 short sessions.


 Along the sand.

 Along the Bluff

 Not all made it to the net.

 Barracuda went beserk, many double hookups





 Nice Nannagai

 One of a few Goldies



Vince brought mate Tony up in May for a couple of weeks.Tony is also a Golphaholic.
So they played golf in the mornings, and fished later in the afternoons.
Whilst their fishing didn't yield abundant catches, they did catch enough Trevally, Salmon, Cod etc, plus a few Barra.


 Retrieving through runoff water

 Yields a few small Trevally for Tony

 A few smaller Salmon like this

 And a few Cod along the rocks.


 Following the dredging of the boat access channel here at Taylors Beach, we can now launch and fish at all hours.
 Whilst the Barra
fishing has been pretty quiet through the year, we have had a ball fishing the water between Taylors beach and the island group a
 few kilometres offshore. Generally the water is comfortable to fish, however when the wind comes up from the south it can roll white caps pretty quick,
 so need to watch wind forecasts pretty closely.
 All too easy! Yours truly!  

Having said that, on such good days, it's not surprising to get regular Coral Trout, good size Cod, Doggy Mackeral, Golden Trevalley, etc
Often we are passed casually by travelling whales, Dolphins, large turtles etc. which adds to a great day outdoors.

Vince was up again in October, and we had a ball out the front of Taylors Beach. Therese and Wayne both had to forgo a week's fishing whilst Vince
occupied the lucky seat.


 Dredging the Boat Channel

 One of many such Goldies off Taylors

 Vince's Cobia, many such species

 Vince with typical Coral Trout

Stephen Roberts came down from  Cairns in November for some R&R and hopefully catch a few fish. He did more than that and  caught quite a lot with
 many different species. Offshore the weather was kind to us and we found a hot little reef where we caught  six or seven nice Coral Trout. G
oldspotted Cod were prevalent also with Steve upgraded his PB a couple of times! Firstly a nice 75cm specimen then a stonker of  105cm that took
some persuading to get in the boat. Plenty of small Mackerel and GT’s and a nice big Goldy as well.

 Ist of a number of Coral Trout Beautiful markings....all released! 105cm Cod off the shoals. They were on the go!!. Yours truly!

Up in the freshwater we got some solid Sootys after dark on poppers and Steve landed a healthy Barra after a few missed surface strikes.

Most of the reef fish were tagged and released and, as a surprise, 10 days later Therese caught the 75cm Cod from the same spot!!! 





 Therese’s NYE Goldy

 and the Cod that Steve caught
 only weeks before.

 Also her big Salmon, bait fishing off
the beach here at Taylors.


Had a bit of a get together week with old RAAF mates in October, Kenny "Bung" Mallet, Vince, and my old self. Had fair fishing, but nothing brilliant. Ken did manage to get some good fillets into the freezer to take home though.

Looking forward to a decent wet season to get the fish back into normal breeding routines, after many years of poor wets.

Been adding to my Lure designs with some "Glowing Finish" models. Been successful in test runs too. Might be worth a crack at night, I reckon. Stay tuned. Check them out on the "Buying Lures" page.

More shortly.....

Well, it has been a very mild winter up here so far with only a couple of cold days but a lot more rain and wind than we usually get! This has meant that our offshore fishing has been curtailed somewhat.
I was fortunate to have my son Chris visit for a couple of weeks at the start of winter, his first fishing trip up here in nearly five years! The fishing Gods were kind to us with good weather and an abundance of quality fish on all of our sessions! His feet had hardly touched the ground before I had him out on the flats here to chase some Trevally, etc.

Both using light spin outfits and soft plastics, we had fun on small GT’s and Queenies and I really whet his appetite when I landed a decent Diamond Trevally! This set a pattern for the next few days with similar tides and we had a ball each day catching GT’s, Goldys and Diamond Trevally (Chris got his first ever of that species!) We also got Tarpon, Barracuda and a Stargazer that snaffled his soft plastic when it fell from the mouth of a Queeny he was fighting at the time!


 Chris "on" at the sand flats.

 Strike 1, a Goldie

 Strike 2, a Diamond Trevally

The morning tides were good for launching the boat for a bit of offshore trolling and we had two ripper sessions on the inshore shoals. A couple of decent sized Cod got us on the board and Chris soon upped the ante when he landed an 80cm specimen followed shortly after with one at 90cm! A nice sized Doggy mackerel topped off the trip with something for tea that night. His lure of choice was a green Mackerel pattern Rapala CD15 and this started a theme for the rest of his stay here with Rapala lures catching most of his outside fish!


 80cm Cod out from Taylors Beach

 Only to upgrade to a 90cm Cod.

 Easy 'Doggie". It turned into "Mack n Chips!"

As the tides eased, we ventured up the country for some freshwater action and hopefully get some more species off his “bucket list”. An early start had us at our chosen location just after sunrise and after a bit of a trek, we found some nice looking water. Chris’s first fish was a healthy Sooty taken on a small Trout pattern Rapala lure and he followed that up with his first ever Jungle Perch. The next few holes produced some good sized Sootys and Chris got the trifecta with a small Tarpon but unfortunately dropped a Longtom which would’ve given him four species for the outing!


 Happy with first Stone River "Sooty"

 First Jungle Perch from Stone River

 Up close, beautiful markings.

Neil and Rosemary Schultz arrived the following week and, along with Chris, we headed up to the upper reaches of the Herbert River for some more late afternoon fun! We got a few smaller Sootys in the flowing water and then settled in for a night session back near the car. I gave Chris a small Rapala Skitterpop to keep the theme going and really surprised us when he had a smashing surface strike and reeled in a Mangrove Jack! Some more fat Sootys hit the bank before we pulled stumps and headed home.


 Herbert River Tarpon. He had a great week here.

 Herbert River Mangrove Jack. ....on fire!

 Fat Herbert River "Sooty"

After Chris’s departure, the weather turned to crap, and the fishing went quiet, but we did get one good session in the boat here at Taylors Beach. A combination of drift casting and trolling got myself and Neil some nice fish and I got my best sized Diamond Trevally of the year on one of my old designs, a Nerang lure. At one stage while we were trolling, a school of Trevally busted up in front of us and we didn’t miss a chance to have a few quick casts while they were feeding on the small baitfish. A couple of double hook-ups for us before the melee had finished and we had a couple of passes over the area with deeper running lures for a few more fish before something big snaffled my lure and proceeded to bury it in his underground lair!!

Vince is up here now and has had one good session out at the sugar loader with Wayne, and Vince reports... " We had one of those rare days, starting with the chance event of a juvenile migrating whale coming up close by us near the front of the sugar loader, stayed lolling about for a couple of hours. Maybe resting perhaps. Anyway the few fishos out there, like us, stayed on the inside of the loader, giving the whale space.
As for the fishing, the giant Queenies, all around the metre or slightly more, were hot! Of the 20 or so we hooked up, we managed to boat only 3! Losing some through bust offs and sharks, but the "Tax Man" (monster Groper), hung around right under the boat, and proceeded to steal a number right beside the boat before we could get them in. Actually brushing the keel to get to our catch...thief!! Great fun though!"
 Image result for lucinda sugar loading jetty 

Situated near the southern end of Hinchinbrook Island, the Lucinda bulk sugar terminal boasts the longest service jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Stretching 5.76 kilometres out to sea, with its length actually following the curved contour of the earth.

Pelagic species such as Spanish Mackerel, Giant Trevally, Queenfish, Northern Bluefin Tuna are there for the taking and some anglers have even been lucky enough to land small Black Marlin.

A bit earlier, Vince and I had a couple of sessions casting the shallow sand flats and gullies, seeking perhaps GTs, Queenies or Goldies etc.
We landed a number of beautiful Diamond Trevally, including Vince's first one.


 Vince's first Diamond Trevally, fantastic colour display.

 This one of mine at same time.

Tough GT on light gear! I'm stuffed! 

All in all it has been a reasonable winter but the Mackerel haven’t really started to run yet, but hopefully they will soon.




 Therese's 2nd Long Tail Tuna, out from Taylors Beach.

  Trevally all day fun at Taylors Beach sand flats.

 Hey Neil!  That's not all that inhabits the Herbert River!!

Barra, Jacks etc. very quiet for some time. Reckon we need some decent wet seasons to get them going again.
Sarah is due up soon with the guys, so they might get into a few reefies...stay tuned!


Well the wet season didn’t arrive to excite the Barra, but the pelagics have been firing offshore, and here from the beach, to keep us occupied!
GT’s, Goldys, Cuda, Longtail Tuna and even the odd School Mackerel have been caught.
In the local estuary, we’ve finally started catching a few Snub-nosed Dart (Permit), Grunter and Trevally on Yabbies and peeled prawn from the beach.
Those Permit go hard and are great fun on light string!

Sarah came up for the Australia Day weekend and scored a few nice fish as well. The rains have finally arrived, so we hope the rivers get a good flush out!  (which did happen)





 A typical Permit from the beach here at Taylor's

 Therese ("T") with Long Tail Tuna from the Channel

 Sarah's Permit from the beach

 My Goldie , also from the local beach

This is definitely a tough life, we only have to stroll 100m from my back door to do this!!





 Nice Permit for "T".  One lucky fisho on Fire!!

 Goldie for "T" also. Note the big game fishing chair, haha!

 This one  from the boat, still just out from Taylors Beach.

One of my lures, of course! It got fish of the month at local club

Vince did a short 10 day trip up in February, but the first heavy rains for 4 years decided to start the day he arrived. From the day he arrived until he left , it rained 600mm, so we spent most of the time just chilling out and having RSL lunches etc. Pity, it's a long trip from Tamworth! 
Vince, Wayne and I did a couple of sessions fishing from the beach but the water was so soupy it did us no favours. Tried the upper reaches of the Stone River, which was also flooded, where I was fortunate to score a couple of small Sooties in a backwater.

Wayne and Bill recently did a trip trip to Peter Faust dam at Proserpine, with the local fishing club.
They caught a number of barra around the metre or a bit less, but Wayne topped it off with a 1200mm Barra.

Wayne's 1200mm Barra. On the measure to prove!And here at the Stone River crossing. The debris indicates the height of flooding.A rare find close in to Taylors Beach, A very nice Coral Trout, trolled up by... yep, Therese!!





 60cm Grunter off Taylors Sand Flats

 Mark and Sarah's feed of Doggies

 Adrian fly fishing at Taylors

Vince has just been up for a short trip during October, first one since he got Dengue in January, and a bit crook during winter. Not his best trip, only scoring one Barra, dropping 4 or 5 on retrieve, and same with Jacks, got skunked on them also. Wayne and I got a few on the last day of the season, Nov 31..
Winds not too kind. Brother Bob had a couple of weeks here too, with Doggie mackerel running hot out the front of Taylors. Bob kept a couple for tucker.




My 96cm beauty on last day of season trialling Fysshe designs

Wayne's last day Barra too, on Fysshe lure

 Vince's Barra was not exactly a trophy, but a Barra is a Barra!




 Wayne with one of his spring Queenies

 "Bob's Dogs"  Kept just a couple for tucker

Vince's Granson defies Fisherman's superstitions
We reckon that's why he didn't catch many this trip 




 Adrians Goldie on Fly

 Carl's 63cm Permit on fly at Taylors.

 My prototype Mack lure on trial

Winter saw bait move into Taylors Beach inlet and I had fun throwing soft plastics off the banks at low tide. Golden, Diamond and Giant Trevally were the main targets, but Flathead, Grunter, Queenies and big Bream were also taken.  I had a visit from Adrian Bond and his mate Carl from Victoria who were keen to wave the long wand here on the flats. Adrian took his first Golden Trevally on fly and Carl was excited to get his first ever Permit from the flats out front of Taylors.




 4kg Grey Mack out front Taylors.

Nice shoal Cod, trolled. 

Diamond Trevally off Taylors sand flats. 

 Bait fishing at night has been a bit hit and miss, but a few nice fish have been taken. Therese got a 55cm Grunter and some nice whiting, all taken on peeled Prawns.





Theresa's 60cm Cod 

Theresa's 60cm Grunter. Fishing club's Fish of Month 

Without a decent wet season, there hasn’t been a lot of fish caught in the rivers and channel. Offshore fishing was good when the wind let up.
School, Grey and Spanish Mackerel were in decent numbers and were welcome when guests came to stay.
My daughter Sarah and her hubby Mark enjoyed a few good sessions and brother Bob also got in on the action. Therese and I also had some fun trolling deep diving lures off Forest Beach with some nice Cod taking our offerings.




 Mark and Sarah launching at Taylors

Sarah's Cobia out front Taylors

My 90cm PB Goldie 

February 2015

Vince is up here again for a couple of weeks. Winds a bit hard first couple of days, but it settled down to almost perfect conditions for past few days. Had a couple of trips on Hinchinbrook Channel, yielding fish each session, and an early morning walk along the beach at Taylors Beach. That short walk yielded a couple of Barra and a Queenie before breakfast.





Young Barra dogs it out with me in small channel        We got a Barra each off the beach before Breakfast.           Nice Barra off Taylors Beach   


Christmas 2014
Well, my daughter Sarah made it up for a visit just after Xmas. Her husband Mark and his mates Nathan and Ben tagged along as well and they towed the tinny up from Ipswich. They based themselves at Townsville until Sarah flew up and travelled with them to my place. The boys encountered a bit of wind, but they managed two good trips out to the reef for a feed of “Reds”... All fish were skinned, filleted and vacuum packed in the freezer for the trip home.

We did one trip up the freshwater to get some Sootys for Mark and Nathan who hadn’t caught them before. Everybody scored some nice fish with Nathan outclassing us all using small “Z” Man soft plastics.

After the boys left for home, I took Sarah out in the boat to chase some Mackerel. They were really on the bite and we were hooking up regularly, but we kept on losing them! The first fish in the boat was a 95cm Queenfish that Sarah got and two more School Mackerel joined it in the bag. New Years morning we hit the beach before sunup and had fun catching Sickle Fish on Yabbys. A big Stingray on the little rod was a bit of excitement for her!!!

All in all it was a successful trip up and they are planning a trip up in the cooler months.
Sarah and Mark's pics. Good holiday!.....................................


 One of Marks Herbert River Sooties

 Well, it's still a fish.....

 Herbert River Sooty hole.

Winter 2014

A reasonable wet season had the rivers high and still running , promised to be a productive winter. Neil Schultz and his wife Rosemary paid me a visit while escaping the SE chill. Whilst Rosemary was still recovering from a recent operation, she didn’t mind relaxing at home, as the lads ventured forth in search of new locations to fish. We tried the Herbert River at Halifax for a couple of nice Jacks and a good session at Dungeness had some nice Jacks and Flathead flapping on the beach.
Neil was keen to get in some freshwater fishing while the rivers were still running and I wanted to see how much they had changed since before the wet! Well, over the next week, we fished the upper Herbert River, the Stone River, Broadwater Creek, Dalrymple Creek and 5 mile Creek. All I can say was that it was some of the best freshwater fishing I have ever experienced!! We caught well over a hundred fish with Sootys being the most species, but we got some “cracker” Jungle perch, Tarpon, Barra and Neil got a nice Snakehead Gudgeon.




 Quality creek Sooty

 Jack at the Stix

 Herbert River Jack

Old mate Rosco and wife Heather dropped in after Vince and Myrna had headed back to the cold area of Tamworth





 Didn't take long to put the runs on the board. Well, at least Heather did....  

 Heather and Rossco casting for Barra.

 Beer o'clock at the Lodge, after a successful session.

 Yours truly and deckie working the flats

Vince and Myrna dropped in shortly after Neil left, with their little camper. We didn’t fish too hard while they were here, but a couple of sessions produced Barra up the Channel and some relaxing fishing up the Herbert and Stone rivers.
One of many Stone River Jungle perch for yours truly..Same for Vince.. Beautifully marked fish  Vince with a Stone River  "Jungeley". Some joke about being the catch of the day!  Vince and Myrna's bridal suite...'The Pod'.

Gary and Michelle made a lightning stop here on their way back from the Cape. I did talk Gary into one session on the flats here with soft plastics and he showed me up with a nice Flathead and a Golden Trevally.
My brother Bob was next on the guest list after finally getting leave from work! It was good to catch up and he managed to extend his stay to three weeks. I managed to get him onto a few good fish in the creeks and up the channel, but the highlight was a trip out the front where we found a small patch of reef as we were trolling. I got a 90cm Spotty followed shortly after with Bob nailing a 90cm Golden Trevally and a good size Rock Cod. Needless to say, he’s keen to get back up here...





Bob's Cod 

 ...and a nice Goldie

 The tax man always gets his share first..

 Macks running out from Taylors Beach.

May 2014 Update

The drought really lingered well into 2014 making the fishing very quiet. But the low water levels meant we could fish some previous inaccessible spots up in the fresh water.

Ricky Sutherland from Tully has just started making lures and we tried them out up the creeks, where he scored some nice fish on them.


Fit and feisty Sooty for Ricky from Herbert tributary.

and a nice "Jack" from the lower Herbert river


The rains finally came a little late this year, resulting in good floods, but now that the rivers have cleared, the fishing should improve! There are still a few fish in the creek here and we have got some nice Whiting, Grunter and Jacks at night on bait.

Finally got a chance to get the boat in the water and headed off with Wayne with high hopes. Worked the rocks around Hinchinbrook and got a few Cod and a nice Jack. Working the mud flats on the rising tide we got stuck into some GT’s chasing bait. As the full moon rose, the Barra came out to play and we had numerous strikes and a few hook-ups but never managed to land any. That’s fishing, there’s always tomorrow!!

Wayne's been filling the esky with stacks of metre+ Queenies and Macks off the end of the sugar pier. He reports the loss of a big Queenie to a monster Groper right at the boat. It scraped the bottom of the boat whilst trying to nab the Queenie, which it did, and took off with Queenie, lure and line. Wayne reckons the big mumma Groper was around 2.5 metres!!

Neil Schultz is on his way up for a week. Neil is a long time contributor to fishing mags, comes from my old stomping grounds around Ipswich.
And Vince is coming up from Tamworth for the winter again, so hopefully we will turn up the heat on the scaly critters for these fellas.

ps. (latest) Neil's been and gone, but what a week we had!
We had catches of 40 and 50 in a session on freshwater creeks, of Sooties and Jungle perch. Really come to life since the good floods.
And Barra off the beach here too!

Other titbits....


The "Tackle Rat" himself, Lee Brake (editor of North Qld Fish & Boat)
 has had more successes with my lures too. This big Blue Nose Bream on a Fysshe Teemburra lure.

Lee's Grunter on one of my Teemburra Lures


For the really keen....
Ponds at Cordelia (The Croc Ponds!)

Note how far from the edge we stand to fish!!


December 2013

Our Hinchinbrook Fishing Club conducted it's annual excursion to Peter Faust Dam, Proserpine Qld.

Good results from most crews, including the "FYSSHE" boat, with Steve Roberts and yours truly.
All in all a total of 21 Barra were captured with 10 being 1M+. Angela has claimed the largest at 1190.5mm over Ben’s 1190.0mm (?).
Some great fish were captured by the girls and juniors of the club.

Here's Steve with a great capture, pics taken by club mates Zara and Brendon, who just happened to be close by.

Here's Steve feeling the grunt of a good fish on one of my Teemburra lures.
It breaks the surface, putting in good head shaking leap displays
Yours truly on the net, needed Steve to grab the other end to boat it.
Steve very happy, still crowing! I enjoyed the event too, must have been my good driving, eh!!     1.10m

October 2013

Well now that the weather is warming up, the guests had been here in droves!!
My daughter Sarah and her friend Ben came up for a few days and had a ball catching fish down the jetty, the beach and up in the freshwater. Some nice Fingermark were taken from the beach on soft plastics and Sarah got a magic trifecta in the upper Herbert with Barra, Sootys and Tarpon.

Sarah's double hookup

Dad (yours truly) & Sarah on the Sootys in fresh water

Who's a chip off the old block? Versatile fisher

Ross and Heather returned from their northern R&R adventure and enjoyed the sheltered estuary fishing with some elbow slapper whiting on Yabbies and plenty of pan sized Flathead on soft plastics.
The extreme unseasonal hot dry winds continue, coming up around 10am each day to 35-40 kph, kept making channel fishing very difficult and uncomfortable.

Ted (Lofty) Sartori from Jerseyville spent some time in the area and we had a fun trip up the Hinterland chasing Sooties and Jungle Perch on shallow running timber lures. He finished up his time here with a couple of trips up the creek and got some cracker Grunter on mullet bait! 60-74cm...

Ross put in a number of sessions on the beach, plenty of Whiting and Flathead

Lofty's Grunter

Lofty's Jungle Perch

Good friends Gary and Michelle from Turkey Beach took some time off to catch up with Vince and myself and managed to wet a line. The tides weren’t too kind to them but they got some nice fish (and even a 2 metre black snake on a popper) Hey Gary!!! His first session on the beach was one to remember (or forget) when, on his second cast, a large Golden Trevally snaffled his Squidgy and took off for the other side of the estuary!! With 200 metres of line out, it was inevitable that a boat would come roaring past and cut him off... BUGGER!!!!

Vince and Myrna were up for 6 weeks house sitting while Wayne and Jan were swanning their way through Europe (some people do it tough!) They got the boat in the water only a few times and managed to put a few scales on the carpet, but greatly restricted trips out to the channel due to the ongoing high winds.
Their daughter Bobbi came up for a few days, and delighted in landing a Tarpon on light gear up the Herbert River.

Myrna scored this nice 65cm Salmon amongst the boats near Dungeness boat ramp.

Bobbi's Tarpon, and a grin!

Gary's Golden Trevalley spooling off line, then a passing boat cut him off!

When the mob had gone home, Vince and I had a freshwater trip with a difference!
I have been collecting old fishing tackle and lures for a while now, and we reckoned it would be fun to fish with the tackle we were using over 40 years ago. I had an ABU closed face outfit with a Shakespeare Lil “S” lure and Vince had an all French rig, a Mitchell rod and spin reel with a Flopy lure.
I got a Sooty first cast at the causeway and a nice Jungle Perch at the end of the session. Vince got the best fish when a big Sooty nailed the Flopy as it hit the water!! Good fun and now we’ll be after Barra on the old “Retro” gear...

My 'retro gear' Jungle perch

The retro gear

Vince's retro gear Sooty capture

The drought looks to be grinding on, but hopefully the rain will come soon and get the fish active. Here’s to a good summer.

Lee Brake , the editor of Queensland Fish & Boat monthly, has been giving some of my lures a run (and some of my stories), and is kind enough to send me some feedback.
Been into the Barra at Lake Proserpine and other spots.

Saltwater Barra, Lee with another on one of my lures

Just joking, Lee. Haha

Typical Proserpine freshwater Barra, on one of my Teemburras

Hear about this?

One really exciting event Vince and I experienced whilst he was here at end of July....we took a run up the Herbert River to try a spot of Mangrove Jack casting.
On the river bank, just downstream of the Halifax bridge, up on a flat mudbank, we spot the huge tail of a croc! The body was obscured by grass and sticks. We put into neutral (left motor idleing) to observe the size of this thing whilst we drifted past to resume casting.
Then it swung around and faced us. Holy smoke, the animal was an absolute monster! No kidding, 5 metres of dinosaur!
Well, after maybe 3-4 seconds glaring at us, it launched into the water, head up, tail thrashing sticks and water, and came straight at us! We would have been about 30 metres from it. With a yell from Vince "get the ... out of here", I'm already into gear and off in our own shower of water back the way we came.
We decide not to continue up that way.
Vince reckons he's still having flashbacks...haha!

 The Qld dept of Wildlife set a trap and..Bingo! Got him!
Here's the detail and pics (from the internet..)

Look! Too long for the trap, tail curled to fit in!!

 It is the biggest croc caught in Queensland this year.
More than a dozen rangers had to work together for half a day to wrangle the beast out of the water, as it weighs close to 500 kilograms.

Senior ranger Mike Reynolds says the animal is an awesome sight up close.
"You know when you sit there and look at him you'll go 'wow'," he said.
"He's a metre wide, he's got a huge tail.
"He's got so much power it's unbelievable."
The monster crocodile has been wandering the waters of the Herbert River for months, venturing into a popular fishing spot earlier this week.
Indigenous ranger Bruce Reese says the croc has been harassing people so successfully he has earned a nickname.
"We've called him Bully because he's been bossing people around at boat ramps and stuff , so we thought we'd call him that," he said.
Bully is being moved to a new home at Townsville's Billabong Sanctuary.
The croc, who was targeted as a problem reptile due to his proximity to the Ingham boat ramp, had been identified as the same animal spotted in the Murray River, south of Tully, in 1988. Scientists had measured Bully then as being 2.7m long.


Going to be busy here. Vince and Myrna back for a month or 5 weeks. Rosco and Heather back for 3-4 weeks, and old mates Gary and Michelle also coming.
Surely some of them can get a fish. But it's been windy, and the water's too clear after being in drought here for months, and no wet season worth noting!
We are still getting good fish, but the conditions are not the best.


Not a great deal going on, visitors been and gone, except Vince and wife Myrna. They lobbed in for 4 or 5 days at the end of July as they worked their way slowly south after loitering around Karumba in the Gulf.
He reports the fishing was pretty quiet even up there this year. Everone puts it down to the lack of winter rains. The "wet" didn't really eventuate. At the moment, 40% of Queensland is drought declared.
Since returning to Tamworth, Vince reports that the Murray Cod are active at Lake Keepit. Here's a nice 70cm specimen caught on one of my deep Teemburras.

 Locally, mate Wayne got a new boat, pensioning off the old tinny.
Smart new 4.5m Quintrex with 70hp 4 stroke. just the weapon for handling a bit of rough water, and really suits heading out to the end of the sugar pier (7Klm) to chase Queenies etc.

Wayne trolling for Queenies out wide of the sugar pier

It pays off...any number of them over the metre mark!



Feedback from Farley Murton, of Broome,WA. Tried my lures on WA Barra for first time...his boys fired up on Barra quickly, and Farley reports that one of the boys lost a lure to a big Barra bustup!
Wants more lures....thanks Farley.
(check out the pics on my Feedback Pages...)

Autumn Report

Well, the heat of summer has subdued and we are able to get some quality fishing time.
A bit of late rain has put a damper on the Channel excursions but the beach and freshwater sessions have certainly made up for it!

Eddy Watson rode his Harley up for a spot of R&R after his minor traffic altercation. The rain really hammered down but we did wet the occasional line with a few nice captures for Ed.

Rosscoe and Heather dropped in for a visit in their “Big Rig” (slide-on camper on the truck) They had some great sessions on the beach using soft plastics catching Barra, Cod, Trevally, Flathead and a few other critters!
I also managed to snare a couple of nice Barra down the beach using Atomic Prong soft plastics.
Once again, the winds were a constant resraint to fishing the channel and around Hinchinbrook Island.

Late May saw the arrival of Ken Mallett and his nephew Rob. They towed their boat up in the hope of getting the odd feed of fish and crabs! Vince flew up to team up with yours truly to give them a bit of competition!

(Ken, Vince and I were put together as teens when we were in the RAAF, to do manfacturer's modifications on the Macchi Jets in use by the RAAF at the time.)
Probably the first time in 40 odd years the three of us got together again to enjoy fishing. (and some old timers' bull yarns)
The weather finally improved, and the tides were right to get Barra off the flats. The fish didn’t disappoint with Rob scoring good fish each trip. He even managed his personal best Barra of 78cm on a 3” Calliope!
Salmon,Trevally, Queenys and Flathead were also on the menu for the first week. Ken dropped in a couple of pots and Vince enjoyed tucking into some fresh crab washed down with a coldie after a hard days fishing!

Their last week was a bit of an anti-climax as the weather turned sour again, but I reckon they’ll be back next year!

Vince reckons these, plus some amber fluid, is the best
food in the north. Not many of 'em around Tamworth, he says.
The "Mod Squad"! You could only imagine what we'd have been up to as "boys" in the RAAF together!
Vince, Ken, and yours truly.
Heather pulled a few from the beach whilst the winds blew hard down the channel.

This is the weather we like to see up here during winter, as we launch at the Lucinda ramps.

Rob's PB Barra to date, a nice 78cm customer.


Just for interest, I've been making some limited quantities of older style lures,
 to mark the 40 year point of making lures.

Even doing sets of 3 sizes. Popular too, mostly collectors.
Hope I'm still on the job to do them at the 50 year point too!


Well Shane Murphy has been and gone. Not a lot to report as the weather wasn’t too kind to us but we did get the boat out once between the squalls for a lacklustre arvo session in the channel. I did manage one little Barra on a 3” Calliope just on dark at the rocks!

Fishing off the beach here and at Lucinda wasn’t much better but it broke the boredom! Our only success came from the freshwater fishing and we had a great session in a small tributary of the Herbert River that had clean water. We managed about 20 good Sootys and Shane had a nice Barra have a go at his 2’’ Calliope. I got a cracker Sooty that inhaled one of my mates lures (Bassnbob) then proceeded to wreck it!!!


Shane working the small freshwater tributary of the Herbert

Pound for pound, these Sooties are a blast on light gear!

Yours truly with a real tight water fighter!

The following day we tried the Herbert River but it was still very dirty, but I did find a drain where tannin stained water was entering the river and cast a surface lure along the colour change. First cast a bump, then let it rest, and twitch it... “BOOF” A nice Barra cartwheeling across the surface! WE ended up hooking 4 Barra from this drain and landing 2 moreJ

Yesterday I went back up there with my mate Wayne but the water levels had dropped and was a little clearer. Two hours without a touch and we were ready for home when a school of small Tarpon livened things up a bit! Just on dark I got a strike at my feet and beached a small Barra about 45cm. A tiddler but at least it was a start. The sun had just set and the moon was rising when I heard Wayne yell out that he had a good one on! I raced down with the camera to find him connected to a good sized fish on light line and a tiny lure! He backed off the drag and took his time and I was able to get the lip grips into a nice barra of 80cm!!

Well that’s all the news at the moment, schoolkids are here for Easter holidays and I’ll be getting a few more lures done...

I did find a drain where tannin stained water was entering the  river...

Wayne, I even got him to smile for the camera.


During THE WET
Well the wet season really put a damper on the fishing (literally). Not too much to
report but I did manage to get down the beach on opening day. Found a big school of smallish barra holed up on a snagpile! 3” Calliopes pulled a few but when they went off the bite, I switched to Zerek prawns and got a few nice ones. Ended up with 17 Barra tagged then a bigger specimen relieved me of my lure!

Managed to get up to the freshwater when the rain had eased, but learnt the hard way why it is not always a good idea to head off into “Tiger country” by yourself! The river was still a little high and a bit murky but I trudged off anyway. The first hole near a set of rapids looked like a good spot to start and my first cast was nailed by a good Jungly! He managed to snag me up on a midwater log and, as I was trying to free him, I slipped and ended up in water up to my neck! I got out OK but lost the fish and my good lure!

The next few holes produced some nice Sootys but no Barra. The last hole that we usually fish always has some stud fish so I had to have one last cast but a big sucker stitched me up big time! As I was trying to get him out of the mass of tree roots, my foot became stuck underwater as well! I nearly had to dislocate my foot to get out of my predicament but I got my fish! J

That was enough for me and I limped off home, but another good looking drain caught my eye, and I waded across the river to have a cast. Large sand drifts had covered a lot of our usual holes and, as I was crossing, I sank up to my waist in “Quicksand”! Lucky I had watched Bear Grills and managed to extricate myself!! Three times lucky, time to head home and have a beer! I got 13 Sootys in total and the best lure was a 2” silver Calliope.

Had a request recently to repaint a couple of old damaged lures.
I have done a few before and can be quite a challenge but these turned out great and I hope he’s happy with them!

Shane Murphy is up soon so hopefully there will be more to report.

February 2013

Vince has been touring Tassie lately, camped at the Montague Van Park for a while, (about 15 klm from cape Grimm,the north west tip of the island).
Unfortunately, the winds howled non-stop for 2 weeks straight, and thus couldn't fish there.

Eddy's been up again from Ipswich, with mixed luck.

The wet is under way, but a bit of a poor one, so here's hoping the winter Barra are still going to co-operate this year.
Kenny Mallet and his nephew will be here, as will mate Vince from Tamworth (again). Should have some good reports soon.

Simon from Tamworth reports that he and his son Casey and a mate with his son Blake, trolled Lake Keepit sticks this weekend just gone, and pulled a Yellowbelly (just under 60cm) on one of my Pink Wivenhoes. (18-20 feet down).  Here's Blake with the lucky lure. Young Casey pulled a 60cm catfish on one of my Somerset Lures as well. Good to see the younguns getting into the sport.

Vince has picked up some Tasmanian timber pieces for me to make natural lures for your collections.
Black-hearted Sassafrass, King Billy, Huon Pine, Blackwood, etc. Rare, and not cheap timbers though, and not a lot of it seeing he was flying down and back.

Have to get $20 each to cover the cost of carriage up here from Tassie.
Better give me a ring to get the first edition of Tassie naturals.

Just for interest, here's a decent Murray Cod caught and released recently at lake Copeton, near Inverell, NSW.

Dec 2012

 Well it’s been pretty busy here these past few weeks. Springtime has brought some great weather and a few mates have visited me to get into the fishing. !

Ringo from Mackay was up in the school holidays and helped me test more of my new Paluma lures in the Herbert River. We got a lot of Jacks, some decent Barra and even a Sooty Grunter!

Shane Murphy also flew in for a whirlwind trip at the same time, fishing as many locations during his 3 week holiday as he could! The fishing was average but we got Barra up the channel along with some hard hitting GT’s and one nasty Cuda that nailed Shanes’ popper beside the boat!

The best action however,was up in the Herbert River fresh water where we got Tarpon, Barra and plenty of solid Sootys. Shane captured the action on his head mounted video cam.

Fishing up the freshwater was alright also and, although the Jungle Perch were quiet, we got plenty of Sootys and some decent Barra, one going 75cm from only a small waterhole.
Typical Herbert River Mangrove Jack hideout.Darren Ringlestien (Ringo) trying to extricate a good Barra from a snaggy Stone River hole.Worth it...75cm Barra from that small hole, fishing for Jungle Perch. Surprise surprise!
The best lures up there were 2” Calliopes and Lil Trouts.

Wayne's Hinchinbrook Trevally


One of my Hinchinbrook Barra.

Imagine the stories flying around when these 2 get a few down after a day on the water!

The fishing was a bit quiet at our usual haunts up the Channel but Ringo did cast up one good Barra from one of the run off drains.
But but keep plugging away and the scores do come.

Wayne and I got the odd GT and Barra.

Fishing for Jungle Perch with 2" Calliopes, Barra keep getting in the way!Here's one of heaps of jacks we got in the Herbert River,using my new 'Paluma" luresI recaptured a Jack Vince tagged during the initial testing of the 'Paluma's' during winter.Shane had a ball in the Herbert River too.

The Barra season is now closed and they will probably turn up everywhere! I have been quite busy with lure orders and have sent batches to all parts of Australia.

Vince will be up shortly for our annual bash at the dams, Teemburra and Peter Faust, hopefully have good news for the next update...

Cheers Ian.


Very popular...... been doing some "nudes" (natural timbers) for a number of keen
lure collectors.

Using driftwoods, silky oak, cedar etc, and whatever looks a good grain, I've been doing them up in kits, signed and dated. Can't keep up.

Put 'em on the wall or over the bar...or "straight to the pool room"

Winter 2012

Vince and Myrna came up for the winter again, rain and winds for probably 3 of the first 5 weeks, and thus water a bit dirty and cold from river and mangrove run off. And with the early big tides on top, the fishing was hard yakka. Still, we caught a few each time we ventured out, and conditions improved steadily from end of June.

Just for a change, whilst channel and creeks were a bit uncomfortable to fish, or during neap tides, Vince and I did a bit of freshwater fishing, around the upper reaches of the Herbert River and tributeries a couple of times, to find Jungle Perch.

Dragging our feet through the soft sand and water for kilometres is tiring, but we got some great results with Sooties and Jungle Perch. 12 and 15 to a session!......Fysshe Calliope and Fysshe Trout lures work a treat!

When the weather settled, the Flathead polaroiding in shallow water was a buzz. Wading around the flats in clear water, we pulled good numbers on soft plastics and on my Calliopes.
Also did a couple of drift and cast sessions with great success, pulling 4 fish from 5 casts on one trip.

Some days a bit breezy, but still the Flathead were on the go.

Typical of the shallow water catches; got one about 75cm but forgot to take pic.

On release, it's obvious they have the ability to hide in their environment.

Another one for Vince


Greg and Christine Brown from Mudgee slipped up for 10 days to escape the winter blues. Most days down there were only -5deg to around 13-14deg.

Greg scored his first Barra, just below keeper size, but then got his 72cm one to drop on the kitchen bench for Chrissy and the kids.
Also his first Salmon, Barracuda, Cod etc.

Chrissy bagged Flathead, Salmon and GT's, then lost a good Barra in mangrove roots. Lachlan scored his first salmon, whilst little Will winched in a GT. Sure better than being at Mudgee I reckon.

Vintage Lures

Dug up some old photos from the internet of some of my earlier creations, dating back to the 60's and 70's.

Thankfully, a couple of collectors had them on a lure fanatics' site. And Vince traded back a really early Cod lure I made for him 30 years or so ago. (Didn't think to do photos of them as I made them in those days).

Photos on the "About Fysshe" page.


Night fishing at the boat ramp.

                    High tide at night, under the floodlights here at Taylors Beach, can produce some real treats.
                               My brother Bob with a very angry Mangrove Jack, taken at the boat ramp.
                                   We get Barra, Jacks, GT's and more when the conditions are right.


Really pleased to hear from Jason Stevenson from the little island. He just recently took the plunge and got some of my lures to try on Trout.

Jason took a couple of good ones from the Meander River in Tasmania.
The Meander River starts up in the highlands near the Western Tiers, and wanders down through Meander and Deloraine.
The first one was taken on a shallow run Calliope, and the other one taken on a diving LiL Teemburra
Be pretty cool down there I'd reckon, (need waders)

Thanks Jason.


Yep, Stargazer. Vince trolled this one up whilst testing a prototype Calliope fitted with a deep narrow bib.
His first Stargazer ever, he'd never even heard of one before, so that's a bonus, and strike it from his bucket list.

        Amazing how quick they bury themselves into the sand when realeased...straight down and gone in 3 seconds!!


Winter Tuna

Last day of holidays for Vince and Myrna turned out to be the best weather of the entire winter.
Bright sunshine, about 24deg, water smooth and low swell, out the front between Taylors and the offshore islands we went.

Motored slowly around a pod of 5 large Manta rays, which took no notice of us being so close to watch them. Then saw Whales breaching out a bit further. 

                            To add to the day, we struck a school of feeding Mack Tuna (Bonito) amongst the rays.
                            I landed two in quick succession, whilst Myrna scored another. Then they were gone!
                            Vince got the only Mackerel for the session.

Well, that was the winter news.

Looking forward to the spring, should see more of the regular boarders as the waters warms up.

 Oh! and guess who aged a bit more last month?? (mumble...mumble..)

Here's a little competition recently run in The Courier mail...


WIN ONE OF FIVE TOP TEN LURE PACKS. From: The Courier-Mail; June 14, 2012 ... Fysshe Lures Teemburra 4” = $12.50 8. Halco RMG Scorpion, etc..

Anglers pick their desert island lures

Fysshe Lures Teemburra 4"

Lee Brake of Fish and Boat magazine answers: "At the moment my favourite lure for barra and jacks is the 4-inch Fysshe Lures Teemburra. These are a great timber lure that dive quickly and attractively and are exceedingly snag-resistant, meaning you can twitch it around mangrove snags with ease. Plus it's made in north Queensland."

Lee Brake (with Barra and Bream) is editor of Fish and Boat Monthly and a regular contributor (to The Courier Mail) .

How's that??


I have designed a new lure..........especially for targetting Mangrove Jacks....

Having established what I see as the best colour combinations, dive rate, and retrieve action, the Fysshe "Paluma" (named after a local creek) is going to be given plenty of work by Vince and I to ascertain the results as compared to my other lures we currently use for Jacks.


feedback......couple local fishos, Troy and Michael, dropped in to pick up some Barra lures recently.

Their mate Greg from up Kurumba way in NT was apparently using my Fysshe lures up there, and scored over 100 Barra before running short on the lures due to some bustoffs.
What a way to lose lures, eh!

...and thanks to 'Ringo' from Mackay, for his consistant requirement for my lures. (pic of Ringo with good Trevally on "Feedback" page)

He wanted some in clear natural native timbers. The grains on our timbers really look good when just clear poly finished. Would look great above the bar for those times we mix a beer with fishing yarns.

Some get me to do them in footy team colours, not sure about doing Manly  :-)  
and some ladies get just pretty pink lures.

All good fun.

Start of 'Dry"?

Fine weather and good tides greeted Ken Mallett when he arrived early May.
A quick stop at Dan Murphys to stock up before we headed home from the airport.( I won’t mention that Ken polished off 6 cans before we got home!)

First afternoon spent rigging rods and tinkering with tackle then a session down the sticks playing with Trevally on poppers and soft plastics.

Here's Ken, onto a Trevally at first outing upon arriving.

Land based casting at Taylors Beach, just to 'get his eye in'

Next morning a trip out the front in search of Doggie Mackerel but they didn’t want to play. Some pelagic action off the Spit kept us occupied for a while!
A trip up the freshwater was also a non-event with only a few small fish due to the falling water levels.

The full moon meant great tides for the channel and we spent the next few afternoons working our lures on the rocky foreshores and mudbanks on the rising tide.
Our first two Barra came from trolling the runoff from the sandbanks plus a couple of nice GT’s.
The Barra were a bit shy but livened up just on dark as the moon rose.

The last night was the most rewarding with multiple hookups in the dark.

Ken even managed to catch a Barra that I’d tagged 2years earlier! It had grown 190mm and had remained in the same area.

We caught 16 Barra overall plus many other species (like this nice Flattie)

With a number of feeds of fish here, Ken still took 6 fillets home for his family and friends. I’m sure he’ll be back again next year.

Now I can have a break until Vince and family head up for the winter!

Wet Season 2012.  In a word....

Typical wet season days here.

Consistant heavy rains and strong winds made it pretty miserable for a while, too inclement for putting a boat into the open waters.
And Taylors Beach cut off a couple of times from the rest of civilisation.
However, in the breaks now and again I did do some land based casting off the point at Taylors beach, and along the creek runouts on a falling tide. 

This was generally productive, and on one occasion I waded through a metre deep dirty runnoff to reach a good casting spot to place lures into the current. (Took a bit of a gamble on me being the only predator in that spot at that time). Well, would you believe about 13 Barra, a Jack, a Flathead and a big black catfish, in just 1 hour! Unreal, just one of those sessions which come once in blue moon!

March 2012.

Vince took the punt on a break in the weather and flew up for 8 days.
Well, it teemed rain and the wind blew like last weeks pay. All we could do was don the wet weather gear and do it hard. 
(Still better than working).
Vince "on" a Barra in awful weather, but the result is rewarding, this one went 70cm. Yours truly also enjoying the wet (true!)

                            Wet gear off for short periods, and here's some typical results.

Fishing Dungeness area from the bank (above) on 3 afternoons, we pulled at least 2 barra each over a couple hours on the last tide runout. They shut down as soon as the tide turns.
We scored a stack of species at that spot one session, including Jacks, Flathead, Barracuda etc.,as well as a couple of Barra each.
So, it wasn't all bad, and the beer stayed cold, and the rum stayed warm.
Here's a little surprise waiting at the back door on our return from dinner at the local pub.
The Ghecco's were after the moths, and the snake was after the Gheccos!
Brown tree snake apparently, and he nicked off when we gave him a prod from inside the screen door.

Vince gone home now, and Kenny Mallet due up early May. Stay tuned....


Christmas / New Year 2012

Well, it’s been a busy time up here. My brother Bob drove up for Xmas as well as Eddy Watson on Boxing day. Shane Murphy flew in at the same time. It all worked out OK as we had two teams and two boats. The weather wasn’t the best for channel fishing but Ed and Smurf had a couple of hot sessions here at Taylors and in the Herbert at Mona.
        One of Bob's                                             One of Ed's                                            Yours truly                                    and Smurf on fire too
(More of their pics on Gallery page)

Overgrown tracks up at Coldwater meant some careful navigating, but the fishing was still excellent with good Sooty captures and a new species caught; Giant Herring! Ed and Smurf launched the tinny and had a cracker session with 17 Sootys and 3 Barra in the top hole.

Night fishing at the ramp was good also with Bob getting a hooter Jack on a popper and Ed landing a good sized Flathead. Popper action at the stix has been sporadic but it came together this past week with captures of Queenys, Cuda and big Barra. The weather eased a tad and I managed one trip out on the full moon with Bob. With birds and bait abundant, it didn’t take long to hook into the marauding schools of Trevally. Medium to large GT’s fell victim to our lures and as the sun set, Barra came out to play and 9 good sized specimens came to the boat. 3 inch Calliopes were the only lures used and as usual, didn’t let us down.

All quiet here now and I can catch up on making lures again. The wet season is late this year but thunderstorms are on the way, so another top year should be ahead of us!

Just got word Vince is heading my way again!

December 2011.

Saltwater Barra season closed for summer months, so all eyes turning toward impoundment Barra fishing in the interim.
Our local Hinchinbrook Sportfishing Club is prepping up for trips to Townsville, and also to Peter Faust Dam, near Proserpine.
That's where the good old 'Fysshe' Lures pulled 3 barra over a metre into my boat last year.

Steve Roberts and I will team up again at the club's weekend, and Vince is flying up from Tamworth to team up with Wayne Garvin, to try and put the pressure on us. (actually something was mentioned about 'kicking butts', but I replied 'with who's army'?)

Vince and Wayne are having a warm up week further south, fishing lakes Teemburra, Kinchant, and Eungella. Then meeting up with the rest of the club at Peter Faust dam.

Many thanks to Ray and Kay, the proprietors of Camp Kanga at the dam, for their hospitality (and participating in a bit of 'leg-pulling' humour with Steve and me). 

The rooms are quite sufficient, clean and well maintained...will be back asap!

Check em out at :

And here's the results...

My Fysshe '5m Teemburra' Lures did the job again!                                                                                                   

My 1135mm Barra

Vince's 1010mm Barra

Steve's 970mm Barra

Whilst the Barra catch rate was not plentiful, most members did get 1 or 2 Barra, and all quality fish.
Other fishos on the lake over the period also got fish up to 1350mm, though not everyone was successful.

Vince is having another week here at Taylors Beach following the club weekend, and between us on the Wednesday morning (4.30am to 9am), we slipped out to the rocks for Jacks etc, landing 7 or 8 of them and other species, and also 9 Barra, which we quickly tagged and released. Here we are in perfect conditions..

Typical sunrise in perfect conditions near Hinchinbrook Island.


This Flatty ended up free, with the lure, bugger!

All being to plan and weather permitting, we'll get a few more sessions somewhere before he heads back to Tamworth for Christmas.

My brother Bob just arrived, and before Vince heads home, we hit the upper Herbert River for some fun with Sooties.
The water is running pretty fast, from recent rains, but clear.

Not easy fishing fast water with small lures, but we all managed to get a couple, including Bob, who got his first Sootie...scratch them off his 'bucket list' he said.

Well, it a Sootie, isn't it! At least they're off Bob's bucket list!                                         Not exactly 'big game hunters', but sooties in fast water
                                                                                                                                             is like trout fishing southern

Tough life!


October 2011.

Another old mate from down Ipswich way dropped in for couple of weeks from around 10th, and we had a great old time.

As Shane says, "good weather, cold beers, good fishing, and so all good up here..."
Got Barra, Salmon, Jacks, GT's etc.  to name a few, and most days very satisfying.
I didn't take many pics, relying on Shane to provide them, but here's just a couple..

                                 Shane and I with typical younger Barra and Salmon, all in a days work at the office, I suppose.

September 2011

Had a break for couple weeks, 5 weeks as a matter of fact, doing my own thing, making lures etc., 
then Vince rings up, his son Simon wants a quick trip up to get a barra. So they fly up with short notice, and Simon had a pretty good week before going back to work on his excavators etc.

Simon got a number of Barra, amongst other varieties, despite the windy conditions in the channel, and the putrid algae on our local beach at Taylors Beach.


Simon with a fiesty GT on a gold 3" Calliope lure

Didn't take long for him to cast up a Barra on his purple & white Teemburra.

The upper Herbert river, casting for Sooty Grunter. Clear water, but there are big snappies in the area.

This is what he was chasing, and he outfished both Vince and I. He got 5 or 6 from memory

>>>One of those great experiences which happen unexpectedly, was Vince bringing in a good size GT, and right beside the boat arrives another huge GT, attacking the one on Vince's lure.
Fair dinkum, the thing was a monster, well over a metre, probably around 120cm. Well, it came in so close we could have grabbed it by the tail, and it had 3 or 4 attacks, totally ignoring us. The one on the lure was fighting Vince at the same time trying to avoid this volkswagon with fins wanting fast food!
Imagine the result if it had hooked itself on the lure explosion of small reel and line for sure.

August 2011

Got to know another southerner pretty well over last couple winters. Wes and I had a few trips out, and I would say he definately had a great time out on the water...

Here's Wes with one of many barra for the winter.

Yours truly with another. Didn't get as many as Wes, though. But at least it was a fair fish.

Amongst the different species he cleaned up on , Trevally Salmon Flathead, etc.

The weather is good, winter fish like Salmon and Mackeral are running.
Ah well, back to down south for the last of my winter visitors.

Notice that Wes was using my Calliope lures exclusively.

An exciting time to fish in our 'secret' spots is just as it gets dark. Here Vince and I show the form. Gets a bit cool in winter when the night winds blow, but well worth the effort. Especially when we call at the pub in Halifax for a solid feed, then home for showers and rum, and savour the day.
Ah, its a tough life.

Gary and Michelle from the Dalby area arrived 5th August, the day after Vince and Myrna left, stayed a couple of weeks, accompanied by their mates Vince (different Vince) and Iona.

Here's Michelle grinning at outfishing Gary with good sized Salmon and Trevalley. (on my Fysshe lures, of course). Gary did cast up a Barra in the freshwater, but they eluded him in the channel. Had a crack at the Mackeral running at the moment, but windy offshore, so not lucky there. Had a great holiday none the less, and nearly as important as fishing, they're about to tie the knot next month!

My brother-in-law Graham ducked in for a quick fish and,
first cast, a dancing barra!  On a Calliope lure of course!                                                         
My flathead must be some sort of record, eh!

Vince rocked up for the winter early June, and wife Myrna joined us at the end of the month.
Into it from the jump, between Vince and I, we've boated over 20 barra in first few afternoons in the Channel. Stay tuned. he's around till August to avoid the Tamworth winter!!

Vince and Myrna's daughter Chrissy flew up from Mudgee late July with her two boys aged 2 and 5, and they all had a good week as evidenced by the photos here.

Chrissy casts up her first Barra, 65cm,  on her first trip out! Skipper Wayne Garvin and Vince were pretty busy retrieving her lure from rocks and branches, but all had a good day. Trolling the same Fysshe calliope lure, she lands a good Trevally soon after.Talk about beginner's luck, she spots
 a foreign lure floating past, clips it on,
and bang, a really hard running, 70cm Salmon.
 (Proud dad looks on)


Myrna's first Barra! A well befaved 65cm also.    The Upper Herbert freshwater for Sooties.       Her good 1kg Sooty on a Fysshe Coomera lure.
Cast it up on a 4" Fysshe Calliope lure,                 Here's Vince and Myrna casting.                         The resident croc wasn't to be seen this day.
and didn't need advice from any males either,
thank you! 


Vince scores on 1st full moon night casting. (on yellow 'Calliope')  We got 8 Barra between us that afternoon as well, plus Salmon, Jacks etc.


Vince slipped up to Steve Robert's place in Cairns for couple days, to help Steve navigate around some new water, plotting channels and underwater structure on Steve's plotter for future trips. And...
blow me down, Steve scores his PB Saltwater Barra, a metre and 8 cm!

They had a good day on the Russel / Mulgrave rivers outlet to the sea,            To top it off, to celebrate, they stopped at a pub on way
with multiple varieties boated (and boasted).                                                  home for a rare shout by Steve. They come out of the pub,
Vince said Steve was grinning for days.                                                          to find the boat full of new dekkie applicants! Couldn't keep
all on crew though, as the boys only had the "2 RODS!"      
                                                                                                                          (Must have been your lure, eh Steve!)   

June 2011

Father-in-law George flew in with my wife Joan for a break from the Ipswich early morning frosts too, and stayed for couple weeks after Kenny left.
Joan and I enjoyed time on the beach here at Taylors Beach, with Whiting Bream etc. And a few trips in the channel. Nice Cod on the sandbar!
Couldn't go out much, Joan a bit crook for a while.

At the same time, mates Eddie and his son Wes Watson were doing the Gladstone area with great success according to the eminating "stories'. Gladstone area, and places like the Boyne River mouth have been red hot since the big floods, with plenty of whopper Barra being caught.


              Here's a Barra Wes caught on one of my 'Fysshe' lures, and Eddie's Flathead (on his own lure).  Check out more pics in Fisho gallery.


May 2011

Old Air Force mate Ken Mallet rocked up for some R&R for couple of weeks after Sarah left.
Good time with Ken, covering fishing in the Hinchinbrook Channel, the Upper Herbert River freshwater for Sooties etc.
Here's Kenny casting for Sooties in the fresh water, the end result of a couple of casts, and what happened with his lure between them!
No fish up there mate!

Night fishing full moon, full tide. Snappy barracuda, not on one of my lures! Nice Bluff Creek Barra for Ken, who caught Barra every day!
Good shot of Ken's face and fish's tail by me...better not take up photography, eh!

Daughter Sarah arrived after Eddy left, and talk about show me up! She seemed to pick up the knack of casting them up in shallow hard running water realy quick!
   Sarah caught a number of good fish over just a couple of days, including this 90cm beauty.
How good's that?  (she must have paid attention at some stage!)

Eddy had Easter here, but conditions were not the best, with the waters pretty crowded and boat ramps resembling a supermarket parking area. So we fished Fishers for a few nice Barra Jacks and GTs etc. Eddy was Jack champ.
Chasing Sooties in the higher reaches of the Herbert River was a day of high catch rates too.

                                                     Eddy had a ball, scoring many species, like these few example shots









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